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  • Untitled (Vertical Corner Piece) [LLR]
  • Untitled (Sculptural Study, Six-part Right-angled Construction)
  • Untitled (Broken Line Polygon)
  • Untitled (Sculptural Study, Ten-part Vertical Construction)
  • Untitled (Sculptural Study, Three-part Construction)
  • Untitled (Sculptural Study, Seven-part Construction)
  • Untitled (Sculptural Study, Three-part Construction)
  • Untitled (Sculptural Study, Wall Construction)
  • Untitled (Dwan Gallery)
  • Untitled

Fred Sandback: Obangsaek
New Space

Gallery Hyundai is pleased to present a solo exhibition of an American sculptor Fred Sandback (1943-2003). The title Obangsaek commemorates the first collaborated exhibition by Gallery Hyundai and Fred Sandback Estate and celebrates the rendezvous among Gallery Hyundai, Fred Sandback, and the Korean audience. For this special occasion, the exhibition presents Sandback’s yarn and elastic cord sculptures, drawings, and prints, in ‘Obangsaek’ (colors of blue, red, yellow, white, and black) including a number of important pieces debuting at the gallery.

On the 1st floor, the artist’s early ‘Corner’ pieces and other works that allow the viewers to experience ‘pedestrian space’—a term that Sandback coined to better explain his sculpture—are presented. The 2nd floor presents Sandback’s sculptural exploration by introducing works such as: large-scale sculptures that actively engage the visitors in the three-dimensional experience; a sculpture that suggests a unique visual illusion by delicate variations of the same color and shape; and other works that actively utilize the overall gallery space without overpowering or intervening the existing order. On the basement are the amusing and intuitive ‘Pick-up Sticks’ series from the 1990s.

Fred Sandback is a representative Post-War American sculptor. As if he were drawing on a white canvas, the artist constructed yarn sculptures, creating complex, three-dimensional spatial situations by installing horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines of colors. He constructed outlined polygon sculptures with materials such as wire, elastic cord, rope, and his later works made of acrylic yarns gradually transformed into abstract and architectural sculptures that seemingly expands into the infinite space. Sandback’s sculpture without opaque mass and volume, creates its own ‘space’ within the existing environment. In addition, unlike its minimal formal elements, his sculpture provides complex experience as it defines the spatial boundaries in a variable manner. Sandback’s philosophic emphasis on the relationship between art and space; art and reception; reception and space; and space and time, has significantly influenced his contemporaries and other installation artists.

Fred Sandback has held solo exhibitions at major museums such as Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (1989); Magasin III (1991); Chinati Foundation (2001), Whitechapel Gallery (2011); and more. His works are in collections of Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Modern Art, New York, British Museum, Centre Pompidou, Whitney Museum of American Art, Dia:Beacon, and other seminal art institutions.

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