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  • Installation View at 16 bungee, 2010
  • Romance in the Gulf
  • Installation View at 16 bungee, 2010
  • CNN
  • CNN (detail)

Kijong ZIN’s works offer whimsical interpretation of contemporary social issues through the use of various media.

ZIN focuses on the use of various media and expression through numerous themes. From his past works that offer his perspective of the world, his overall intention to express themes such as the discrepancy between the way we view the world and the reality and perceptual error that leads to failure of actual judgement can be acknowledged.

ZIN has worked with various medium to explore his interest in what happened in the world, what is happening, and what could happen in the future. In the work he started in 2004 with line tracer and wireless camera, ZIN presented the gap when micro image was shown in a large screen and horrible scenes of beautiful Earth, seen from the universe. Themes related to media fabrication, shown at his solo exhibition in 2008, dealt with public opinion controlled by political power, and media’s prejudiced truth shown to the public due to other confidential reasons. In 2010 solo exhibition , he raised awareness and showed connection between matters that cause environmental problems, environment and society, political problems. In 2015, at GALLERY HYUNDAI, he questions the largest existence invisible to humanity—the God.

Participating in group exhibitions at Art Center Nabi, Insa Art Space and National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts, Zin began to gain recognition in the Korean art scene. In 2006, he was chosen as the 2006 Young Artist by the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts and in the following year, he was selected by the Art Omi Artist Residency program in New York and began to attract attention in the international art scene as well. After participating in the group exhibition at ZKM, Germany in 2007, Zin started to show work in international level biennales including Nanjing Triennial in 2008, Biennale Cuvee of Linz, Austria, Brazil Sao Paulo Media Art Festival, Asia Art Biennale and The 4th Moscow Biennale. Including exhibitions at Santralistanbul in Turkey in 2009, Kunstmuseum Bochum in Germany in 2010, MMCA in 2012, LEEUM Samsung Museum of Art in 2013 and National Museum of XXI Century Arts (MAXXI) in Rome in 2014, Zin has actively presented works in Korea as well as international art institutions to this date. As of now, Zin’s works are included in National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Daejeon Museum of Art and Daegu Art Museum.

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