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  • Family of Robot: Grandfather
  • Family of Robot: Grandmother
  • Charlotte Moorman
  • David Bowie
  • Antique TV Cello
  • Fat Boy
  • John Cage
  • Smile Moon
  • Darwin
  • Newton
  • My Faust: Arts
  • Robot Circus - Paint

Nam June PAIK (1932-2006) worked with a variety of media and is widely considered to be the first video artist. His keenness for music and attempt to eliminate the boundary between music and action as well as body and technology persists throughout his artistic oeuvre, establishing the artist as the quintessential Fluxus artist. Paik was a strong advocate for the fusion of different genre of arts, and further, the fusion of art and life that connected religions and continents on a global scale. Oftentimes humorous yet deeply contemplative in nature, Paik’s dialogue revolved around issues of cosmological importance to the façade of every day reality. The artist’s endeavor to incorporate media as the new medium for art has consistently challenged the way we perceive time and space and has been the source of inspiration for many electronic artists up to this date.

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